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New Project: Rooster Quilt Wall Art

I am so excited to try my hand at some real appliqué work... I did my first appliqués recently, and they turned out great.  So I have a big elaborate plan to do a fabric wall art piece featuring a chicken, of course... a rooster to be exact. 

I plan on quilting a background that I laid out and will paper-piece together.  Then I'm going to appliqué the rooster over the top using all sorts of colored fabrics. 
Here's my work so far:
I have it laid out in Illustrator, and if it turns out well I'll be able to turn it into a pattern for others to use.  I don't have the details for the head yet... don't know if it will all be done with thread, or if I will use different fabrics. 

I've already spent numerous hours figuring out the patchwork pattern for the background and creating the tail feathers.  I have a feeling it may take some serious time to complete, since I can't work on it all the time.  I'll try to post pics as I go along ~ I really hope to have it done in a couple months!

It looks pretty cool as an illustration too ~ so we may be seeing this image again... maybe as a super cool screen print!


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