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Rooster Work

As you may know, I'm amidst a big sewing project right now... and I've just finished the background patchwork for it!!  Here are some pics over the last couple weeks of my progress:
 The pieces were fairly small and it took some time to get the grassy hills to be smooth-ish.  There are a few points that don't match up exactly... but I'm still really happy with the results.

My work station got pretty messy... of course.
For me, cleaning up the sewing mess just means I've completed something up to a certain stage... and it always feels great! 

I feel like it didn't really take that long to get this done.  And check it out with some of the rooster pattern on it:
So the next phase of this project is cutting all the fabric pieces for the rooster, and applying some interfacing to them to keep them stable while they are being appliqu├ęd onto the background.  I'm still not exactly sure of the best way to do this next part... I figure there will be some trial and error, but I am confident I'll get it figured out.


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