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Crow Pillows: Screen Printing

If you didn't already know... my husband and I have a small screen printing company called Phantom Chicken.  Because our studio is in our basement, I'm a lucky girl when it comes to customized printing in my sewing projects!  My latest project is a Crow Pillow. 

Here is the screen with the crow film on it, ready to shoot.  Screen printing is a process that uses light to create a stencil.  Here's how it works: 

One pillow set I want to sew is using some patterned fabrics that were part of a set, so I mixed some special greyish-blue ink to match the darkest blue stripe in the fabric.
I'm pretty happy with the color match...
Since I had a screen all set up, I decided to print more than just one set of birds, so I changed the ink color to Navy and printed this guy on a light blue starry fabric to be used in the pillow I'm making for the friend who took the photo.
Then I changed the ink one more time to Black and printed a few on some other scraps of fabric I have laying around... not sure how these will be used yet, but I really like the image so I'm sure I'll be using them soon.  I'm even thinking of making a quilted bag instead of always making pillows.

So now I have some images on fabric to work with... YAY!

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