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... and another Pin Cushion!

Since I wasn't thrilled with how my first pin cushion came out, I decided to make another one using the same idea with the hexagons, only constructing it better.  First I had to sew the hexies together, I was able to use the pretty hexies I got in a previous PMQG swap.  With the paper in them, I find I can bend them a little to get tighter stitching:

So this is where my process upkeeping fails... I get so wound up in a project I completely forget to photograph as I go.  I took a picture of the cordouroy as I was sewing, but the rest of this got away from me and so all I have is another finished project without the pics leading me there.

Oh well, I was able to finish a nicer pin cushion for the swap later tonight at the PMQG meeting.  I hope whoever gets it is happy with it :) 
For any new projects, I will work on my 'picture-taking in a timely manner' skills and hopefully have more to show in future posts!

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