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Finished Mat

So we had our little snack mat swap at the PMQG meeting last week and beforehand, I started a bunch of mats, but only finished one good one before the swap.  I just finished another yesterday:
and here's the back - see... I did a little free motion quilting on my machine too... I just taped over the feed dogs (thanks for the tip Jill!) and I was able to move it around.  Now I should invest in a good darning/quilting presser foot:

This was the first one that I was happy with my binding and mitered corners:
This is all such great practice!  I've recently just started a baby/youth quilt for the monochromatic challenge.  I was planning on putting it on consignment at a maternity shop, but as I'm working on it, I'm starting to get attached... I really like it!  It's all yellow ~ nice and bright and cheery... and I'll finish the top today and then I can get started on the quilting... and then use my newly-found techniques to make a kick-a** binding! 
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