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Free Motion Practice Octopus

So... as some of you know, I'm practicing my free motion quilting so I can successfully quilt my hand-pieced squid.  The squid is just sitting there staring at me and I can hear it yelling "hurry up and quilt me already!"  I'm a little afraid because I really, really want to do it justice... and I'm just a little too lazy to hand-quilt it.

That said, I did a little practicing over the weekend, I'm getting much better at the circles! I'm still not sure how I will do the 'water' part of the quilt and so I think I'll need at least one more project under my belt before I hunker down and get to work!

It ended up looking kind of cool, so I decided to make it into a wall hanging.  With the last few things I've stitched together, I have lamented not having labels or a way to "tag" my finished pieces.  So I thought I'd have some made and found out they are just satin ribbon with a print... and since we have our own printing studio, I kicked my hubby in the butt and got him to print some simple label tags for me.
We printed them on some satin ribbon I had laying around, and they turned out great!  With new tags, I was so excited... I went and finished this little octopus piece (with a label) and I'm just about to sew the sleeves on the back so I can hang it up!
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