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It's ON!

Okay... it's ON!  I started quilting my squid.  It's about time too ~ it's been sitting on a table in my sewing room looking at me for months now.
I was inspired a great deal at the last PMQG meeting!  I have a long list of notions I want (need) to get, and again I saw some amazing quilts ~ my favorite being Jill's monochromatic quilt - it was fantastic!

So, I spray basted this quilt.  The back is solid Kona Coal  I figure I have only a few days before the tackiness of the glue wears off, so I feel like I want to sew and sew and sew until it is finished.  BUT this time I WILL take breaks.  I have something called thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) from an accident that hurt my neck when I was a kid.  So everytime I get tense in my shoulders, it pinches nerves down my arms (painful) and makes my hands and fingers go completely numb.  I still haven't regained feeling in my right thumb since I quilted my yellow circle quilt... hmmmm, might be time for some bodywork!

Until then, I will be at my machine (on and off with breaks of course) working on my current favorite project.


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