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Yellow Circle Quilt

I started a new quilt two weeks ago, motivated by the Modern Quilt Guild monochromatic challenge... and I thought I'd share my progress. 
With Illustrator I laid out a design and made a template for the circles.  Here is my design plans and figures:
My first thought was to go with red, but at the last minute I decided on yellow.  Yellow is so bright and cheery so I thought it would help with the grey rainy days. 
These are my pieces:
I'm incorporating some circles in this quilt, so I've been practicing sewing on a curve... and honestly, I'm not sure I would make good circles even with tons of practice.  Can't help but end up with a little puckering.

With my new quilting venture, I've been finding I have A LOT to learn about quilting!  I'm taking my time and researching techniques online and now armed with a new darning foot, and some spray basting and a head full of new information ~ I  basted and started free motion quilting this quilt today!

Unfortunately, the battery in my camera putzed out and so I don't have a picture of the quilting yet... but soon!  YAY... I'm doing it!


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