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Something New For Spring

Lately I've been taking daily 3-4 mile walks in the afternoon with some neighbor friends who also work from home ~ it's a fantastic luxury to be able to take the time for myself... and walking is the best exercise I can be doing right now.  If you live in Portland, you know this last week has been grey, cold and rainy... BUT all the new little buds are popping up everywhere making it all bright and green and pink. 

To try to mimic this great feeling I get from walking and smelling daphne all over, I started another quilt!  It's not planned at all ~ and so it's taking more time than expected because I keep changing my mind and nothing is "it" yet.  Regardless of that, I love the color palate ~ it's spring green and pink... and I'm putting a bird on it!  (ha ha!  Watch Portlandia!)  Here is where I'm at so far:

It's kind of fun to just sew with no plan, but my mind is plotting away for my next planned quilt.  This reminds me... I have to give "kudos" to Jill who was one of the winners in the monochromatic challenge from the Modern Quilt Guild.  She brought her well-planned quilt to the last PMQG meeting and I was totally blown away ~ seriously.  I love that quilt!  It's hanging at PNCA until this Thursday (along with my squid quilt) so I highly recommend going to check it out in person.  Fantastic job Jill!!  It has inspired me to take all the time I need to plan out my next project.


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