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Time... and how it eludes me.

Found this gorgeous cherry tree today on my walk.  I cruised up Mt. Tabor... and I think I'm paying for it now ~ my knees are a little pained.  I felt great on the walk itself though, I got all the way to the top and back without having to stop for a breather.

I love Portland, it's so beautiful here in spring.  I'm trying to recreate some of that feeling in the quilt I'm currently working on.  Here are some more springy inspiration pics (for colors) I took today:

I really wanted to make a solid block for the swap at the PMQG meeting tomorrow, but time has eluded me all week.  I guess that's a good thing ~ it means I'm busy and busy means paying some bills!  That's okay ~ I still fully enjoy meeting with everyone, and seeing what they come up with.  Working with solids is a little foreign to me, but I love what I'm seeing from other quilters who use it.... you can really see the actual quilting so much better, and it creates great negative space... it's beautiful.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone made tomorrow night!


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