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Social Time

This Thursday is the monthly PMQG meeting and we've all been asked to make a 6" block for a banner they are going to make.  I decided to use some pretty scraps I had, and this is what I came up with:

It should be a great meeting, as always.  For me, it's some good social time ~ I meet at least one cool new person every time I go.  Plus EVERYONE there is creative, and the energy that is created in a room full of crafty-types is palpable.  I think we all leave full of ideas and motivation ~ yep, looking forward to it.

I've started following a few blogs too ~ this whole bloggy thing is fairly new to me and I'm totally amazed at how many people are quilting and writing about it.  What a plethora of information!  It's actually a little overwhelming, it seems there is a whole set of blog etiquette I need to learn, and maybe another language to learn as well!   There also seems to be some antagonists out there too ~ I guess they are everywhere.  Oh well!  ... I'm happy to have a meeting where we can physically meet and have some fun social time.
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