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A "Me" Quilt

So I've been thinking and thinking about the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge a lot lately... it's hard when the criteria is to make something that is uniquely "your voice".   I spent some time and came up with quite a few new block patterns that I'm excited to try.... but I'm too messy to use them in my "my voice" quilt.  I think I have to piece as I sew and just see what happens!  

I don't know if any of this will make it to my quilt... but here is what I'm looking at fabric-wise,  I want to use fabrics from some of my old clothing, so it will be an upcycled piece:

I was also playing with sewn-in circles... and thanks to Rachel, I think I have circle sewing in the bag... what do you think?
I'm pretty happy with the results!  Now... I just have to motivate myself to work on it.  It's been hard due to the fact it is beautiful in Portland right now... and I'm having a hard time sitting inside.


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