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YAY!  My stargazers bloomed!!!  It's the first time it's had more than one flower and I'm stoked!

So... did you hear?  There is a new Modern Quilt Guild Challenge... and I really want to create special for it.  To do that, I need a plan... which starts with ideas.  Hence contemplation.  The theme is "find your own voice" I think it's a hard theme only because judging will become personal.  Based on that, I really want it to shine with ME... but I'm not all too shiny.  This is what makes it a challenge!

I was able to sew with some friends the other day and worked on this block idea:

The first time through, I royally messed up my pattern.  Luckily, since there were other quilters around, I got some fantastic tips.  The most important one was to make design lines on my pattern so I can  split it into sections and more easily piece it together.  You'd think I would have known that already... but I've always been the "let's just do it and see what happens" non-planning type.  This is how that turned out:

I also learned how to make a really nice pillowcase, and sew a "set-in" circle... as well as how to brown some butter.  It's all a learning curve... and  I love it!  I'm still not sure what my entry for the MQG challenge will be, but it will be new to me ~ so I'll learn even more.  

Oh... and I finished my chicken pillow ~ cute huh?  If you didn't know... I'm a BIG chicken fan, and I adore my new pillow.  I even got to use some of my special yellow chickens that I got from a good friend, so that makes it extra special :)
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