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Dragon Quilt Check In

Today marks 3 weeks since I've started sewing hexies for the Dragon Quilt... and this is what I have so far:
It may not look like much... but there are 1,363 hexies made already ~ that averages 64 a day!!  For me, this is a fantastic pace... much faster than my squid quilt.  I hope I can keep it up!

These are all the basic colors of the quilt:  creamy offwhites for the body, bright greens for the belly, reds and oranges for the top scales, and  golden browns for the background.  Looking at this photo, I want to add more oranges to the reds and more blues to the bright greens to round out colors.  The most hexies are the golden browns.  I have 539 done, and still need 1,522 more. 

I've gone through all my scraps ~ so now I'm on the hunt for monochromatic patterns in these colors.  Fabric depot had some fat quarters that will work well ~ I'm interested to see how many hexies I can make from a whole fat quarter... although I prefer using smaller pieces so there isn't too much of any one pattern.

Okay... I'm off to sew a few more!


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