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Giving Thanks

Last week was Thanksgiving, and boy oh boy did we do it up: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce... the whole nine yards.  It was a great weekend!  Even though I haven't had time to work on the dragon quilt, I had an opportunity to work on something for my neighbor:
Anniversary Quilt
She found this AMAZING hand-stitched grandmother's garden quilt top in a chest in her house when she moved in 35 years ago.  The chest was full of Korean War memorabilia, so we're guessing this was probably made in the 50's using 40's fabrics???  I picked a few of my favorite prints and posted pics below ~ does anyone have an idea of when these fabrics are from?  Which is your favorite?

Anyway... I brought it to Nancy Stovall at Just Quilting to quilt it for her... as you can see it turned out gorgeous!!   It is a 25 year anniversary gift to her husband, and she knows they will be using it a lot... so we quilted it with a tighter pattern so it can be lightly washed.  It is just so beautiful ~ and I am giving thanks that I got to see something so old in such great condition!  I added a binding and gave it back to my neighbor ~ as soon as her hubby sees it, we'll be photographing it on her bed and I'll post pics.

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