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Quilt Start: Anniversary Quilt

At the last PMQG All-Day Sew, I started a brand new quilt.  It is for my In-Laws 50th wedding anniversary next April... and I'm pretty excited about it!

It is a first in creating a full pattern before I start sewing.  I took my Mother-In-Law fabric shopping the last time she came to visit, so she was able to pick the fabrics she liked most.  This is good because I really want them both to love this quilt!  She picked a couple florals, a stripe, and a solid and requested some shiny gold to signify 50 years.  Later I added a solid muted aqua color (can't remember the color name) that will help in making this design look a little modern.    

I thought I'd share my progress on this quilt as I go since I'm just getting started.  Here is my design and notes etc.... the highlighted yellow denotes the blocks I have finished.  Next post I'll have some photos of the fabric.
The quilt will be 110"x95"  so it will fit a king sized bed with full hang on 3 sides.  It will be the biggest quilt I've ever made.  Which already has me questioning the quilting.  I need to talk to Nancy!

I'm super excited about our PMQG meeting tonight!  It's going to be a potluck and gift swap... and we get to see more amazing quilts!!

Oh ~ for those of you keeping track, I'm at 2975 hexies made for The Dragon Quilt... less than 1000 to go and I can start laying them out!!  Special thanks to Ale, Rachel, Brittney, and Michelle for your brown scraps! 

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