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Geeking Out

Okay... I am totally geeking out on this project right now, but I thought I'd stop and give a progress report. 

I got all the creams, greens, and reds how I want them, now I'm just working on the background browns.  This is about the 4th time they've been picked up and laid back down... and I'm thinking it'll need to be done again.   I'm close though... a few more days of this puzzle-piecing madness then I can actually start sewing them all together ~ I'm sew ready to start!

I did finish the quilt top and back for my in-laws anniversary quilt this last weekend at the PMQG all day sew day.  I love those!  There were lots of people who showed up and everyone in working on great projects... so now I have a few more to add to my own list of things to make.  Plus, a whole day of hanging with creative types without being interrupted with life is SO nice.

Now... back to the dragon.


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