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Fabric and Friends

I've been having so much fun with the ladies from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild lately.  For national quilting day we all met up at a local fabric store called Bolt and did a little shopping, then went on down to Modern Domestic for an afternoon of sewing together ~ so much fun! 

Then a couple days ago I got to join a few friends on a shopping expedition to Fabric Depot for their 30% off sale to gather some of the new Micheal Miller cotton couture solids... mmmmm so nice!  If you haven't touched this fabric, you should.  It's super soft, but with a dense weave and it drapes beautifully ~ I think I'll be needing to make some skirts for myself soon. 

Here is part of my new stash:

The best part of all this is spending time with other creative types who like to sew.  Too many to list, but they all have blogs listed on the PMQG site if you want to check out a bunch of amazing quilters!  Special thanks to Rachel for continuing to give me pointers to make my sewing better and better.  IE: John James needles are so much better than Dritz.  My fingers thank you too!
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