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Slowing Down

Here in Portland the weather is usually very mild.  This week we've been in the high 90's and it makes things difficult for me and makes me slow down quite a bit.  I know it's not that hot compared to the rest of the country... but it's enough to make me swell up. 

I've been watching my sodium intake (and other dietary measures), but my ankles/feet/fingers are still huge and throbbing ~  looking like they're ready to burst.   Every year this symptom gets worse in the heat... I kinda hate it.  My mood is not so great with the heat either... so my patience is low and it's hard to focus on my sewing (or on anything for that matter).  I did get some done... and I'm on my last row to complete the first HALF of the dragon quilt.  

Another thing that's been keeping me from my usual sewing times is this:
Gregg and I just bought ourselves new bikes!!!  Instead of a gym membership, we chose bikes ~ and I'm so happy with that choice!  We've been going out around midnight for cooler riding times, and it's been fantastic.  I'm pretty out of shape, so my goal is to start at 4 miles a day and work up an extra mile every week until I can easily do 100 miles a week.  So far ~ so good ~ biking makes me happy,  it doesn't matter how big my ankles are because I don't have to walk on them!
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