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LOOK, look, look:
After a year of stitching, here are the very last six strips I have left to sew onto the dragon quilt!!!  I'm going to finish the top tonight ~ and I'm sooooo excited, and a little sad.  It's like reading the last chapter in a 10-book-series, and you're not quite ready to say goodbye to your favorite characters. 

Yesterday I went into my sewing room sty and realized I have a lot of cleaning to do before I start the next step on this quilt, or start any other.  That should be fun.  I haven't really been up there much lately since I do my hand-stitching in the living room... and the dragon layout took up most of the space.  I'm working on a list of organizing stuff I need from Ikea, and maybe I can get that room into shape quickly... we'll see. 

Either way, one part of my HUGE project is almost complete ~ and I'm a smiling girl today :) 

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