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A Friday Finish

I finally have a quilt finish to share!!
It measures 37"x 37" - I used blue for the binding, and love it.  Had a lot of fun playing around with different quilting patterns in this one - some kind of sputnik-y looking thing.  My problem with this quilt was I used a chalk pencil to mark the position of the larger circles and the "straight" lines that connect them.  So I had to wash the quilt to get the chalk off... and some stayed stuck under the stitching.  It will probably all come out in the next wash, but I won't make that mistake again!

I like the back a lot too:

...AND I finished Zihna's pillows for one of her holiday gifts:

 Here is what the backs look like, I used a star-shaped quilting pattern that made it a little warpy so I would not recommend for future projects... but it still looks kinda cool.
I don't know what I'm going to start next... I only have a billion ideas!!  I think something pink... I'm collecting a lot of great pinky fabrics ~ not my usual color choice, but I think it could be fun! 

Regardless of the next project... this is encouraging me to continue to practice, practice, practice the free motion quilting.  I don't mind if the overall pattern is a little organic/wonky/not perfect... but the actual stitching needs to be even, and THAT'S what I need practice with, so off to practice I go!  

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