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Holiday Swap

I'm super excited for the last PMQG meeting of the year... it's actually more of a party, and we've all traded fabrics for a gift swap.  My swap partner (who I don't know... yet) had a bunch of browns and blues in the bag to use:
She said I didn't need to use all of them, so I took out the light gold fabric and added a light solid grey:  (I should have told my swap partner the same thing "you don't have to use everything!")
I'm SUPER happy with how my project came out... I'll share after the party on Thursday, don't want to spoil it for my partner.  

I had a lot of fun sewing this week because I got to use my new sewing table!  The center drops down, and I had a plexi-glass insert made to fit.  Now it's like using a new machine!!  The ergonomics of the machine being lower really help my neck and back while I'm sewing.  It's awesome! 
 Now that this project is done, I think I'm ready for some dragon time!


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