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Heavy Metals

Some of you may know that I have been sort of sick for years, and that I've been testing for things as I can afford (no health insurance).  So far nothing has come up as a reason for all my ailments, so my doctor sent me to have some environmental testing done for heavy metals and molds.  I was most concerned about the mold, but that only came up at a very low level, however... aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead and uranium levels all tested high in my body.

It's a bit of a revelation... and explains why my liver and spleen are overworked and not functioning well,  and now it's time for some major detoxing.  I'm preparing myself for a 2 month dietary cleanse, incorporating oral chelation rather than iv form.  That means I'll be going back to my strict no-nonsense diet of veggies / seeds / nuts / lean meats / some fruits.  ugh.  Not looking forward to it, but I really want to feel better, so it's a must.

That said, I'll be throwing myself into sewing to take my mind off certain things *like chocolate*.  Last weekend the PMQG sponsored an All Day Sew, and it was awesome!  This time my daughter came with me (how cool is that?) to work on a cosplay costume for Sakura-Con.  It was great seeing her work on her own project (rather than have me do it all) and get great tips from other guild members.  I was a proud mama!  She is attempting to make these costumes for her and her friend:
Should be an interesting project to watch!
Annnnd... I'm almost done quilting my dragon quilt ;)


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