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Karma soothes the soul...

I am beside myself in awe of how things work out sometimes.  Let me tell you about my day yesterday to illustrate:

First of all, Luke Haynes came to our guild on Thursday night and showed some of his quilts, and I found out he was teaching a class on Saturday.  I wanted to go, then another friend of mine said she was going and so I REALLY wanted to go.  However, I have to be "good" right now with the money because of some big tax bills, so I decided not to take the class.

Friday night I received a phone call from another friend who also really wanted to go to that class.  She suffers from PTSD and other anxiety issues (which I can TOTALLY relate with) and didn't want to go to the class alone, so she offered me a ticket if I would go with her.  I took her up on it knowing I can return the favor somehow later in the year.

So I was able to take a class I was truly interested in with good friends, and got to hang out and sew with Luke all day in a gorgeous light-filled studio.  It was fabulous.  We learned a fun technique of piecing together an interesting top from old clothing to serve as a background for some imagery that will be appliqued on top before quilting.  Working with Luke and getting his perspective on quilting was so fun and super inspiring! Here's a picture of him at work... thanks to Brandy for the photo.
Luke Haynes Teaching at Modern Domestic  
 Here is the piece I made... and the sun shining on it -can't explain enough how we love the sun here in Portland.  I love how it came out so far:

To finish my story...  I had a blast spending the day with my new friends!!  For lunch three of us went to a great little lunch spot called Helsers and I had smoked salmon hash... it was super tasty, but I couldn't finish it.  So I put it in a to go box and was carrying it back to Modern Domestic thinking to myself "I can't bring this smelly salmon into that gorgeous sewing studio" and just as I was thinking it, a homeless woman asked us for spare change.  I had just spent the rest of my cash, so I didn't... but asked her if she was hungry.  She said the only thing she was hungry for was salmon and potatoes!!!!    We could hardly believe it.

Then later that night when I was home and sleeping, a drunk homeless man came to our door and was ringing the doorbell at 4:30am.  My husband went down and instead of getting angry about being awakened, he gave the man a blanket when he asked for one.

I know it's not a huge deal to most, but since I can't do much financially at times ~ it makes me feel so good when we can help someone in need!!  Especially when others are so kind in sharing with me. 


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