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New Work Space

I've been working on my office since 3pm today unpacking and setting up.  Now my work space is starting to work for me! It's a little tough mixing my office and sewing room together, and into a smaller room than my sewing room at our old place!  However, I think I'm doing okay with the space... here's where I'm at:

From patio door looking at the NW corner of the room. Cutting table to the right. 
Looking straight in from patio door - facing WEST

Looking at the SW corner - my computer is behind the file cabinet

Looking at the South wall - sewing machine to the left

Office space/closet

Office - West Wall

From office looking EAST - hello sewing machine!

from sewing machine looking North - patio door to the left behind curtain

From sewing machine looking NW again. Hi Mr. Squid!
I think I'm almost ready to start sewing again.  Whew... I don't know how much longer I can go without!
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