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A Little Quilt Finish

Wow... feels great to say I have finished a quilt! It's been a while! Here it is:
Rosetta Baby Quilt Front
I'm really loving this little quilt.  The piecing was done fairly quickly a few months back when we were packing and getting ready to move. I used fabrics that weren't packed away yet, and this is the improv I came up with.  I particularly love the quilting on this, I just made a flower and echoed it adding more flowers here and there.
I used some super nice fabric for the back that my friend Rachel gave me a while back ~ it's so soft and luxurious... makes the quilt super special.
Rosetta Quilt Back
In fact, Rachel has been an inspiration to me ever since I started going to PMQG meetings.  She has been there every time I needed help with quilting... and even in some social settings.  She recently wrote a bit for "Quilting Happiness" that wasn't included in the book, but is published here.  It was such an inspirational piece about volunteering in a women's correctional facility, the difficulties these women face, and how quilting helped her bridge a major communication gap with them. I highly recommend reading it. Now I understand why she has always had such patience with me, she's had practice!!
Ready to go...
I want to donate my new little quilt! It will be a first for me... I usually make quilts as gifts for friends and family, or just for myself.  I've never made one to give away to a charity before. (I know, I know... I should have been donating quilts already) Anyway, I want to give it to a family shelter because I was given a quilt many years ago when I was pregnant and staying in a shelter, and it really meant a lot to me... and to my daughter.
Baby quilt given to me at a shelter 23 years ago
There are some holes, and the binding is worn completely through, it's only string tied... but I've loved this quilt, and still do.  I hope the one I made will be just as loved by someone who needs it as much as I did! As Rachel always says:  Quilters Rock!

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