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My husband just came up with the name of my new quilt.  He's calling it "Unbeweevilble".  Totally cute and I love it.

I was able to cut enough for the whole quilt from my stash!! No shopping required which was super great for me this time of year. Here are my 9 quilt block piles:

pieces cut... ready to sew!
Here are the quarter blocks:
And here is a finished block:
First finished block
And maybe you can see why this quilt was so aptly named... every so often there's a piece with weevils on it!
Here is the full quilt pattern... what do you think?  For me, this is a practice quilt to work on my cutting and quarter inch sewing to make good points in the quilt. I personally need ALOT of work in this department, so this is a fun challenge. 
Self-made Interwoven Pattern.

Each block is 24"x24" so it will be a larger quilt when finished.  This is good, I love a big quilt... and with beetles!!  The circles are interesting... I thought I could paper piece them until I realized you can't really paper piece curves.  So, a little change and a lot of curved piecing in this one.

I'm very happy to be sewing in the new house. It's warm and cozy and I am extremely thankful everyday. This quilt will be oozing with positive energy once I'm done with it. Even if my points are not perfect ;)  

Happy Solstice Everybody!

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