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A First Time For Everything!

I just did something I've thought of doing for a LONG time. I published a pattern!

Last week I posted my unbe-weevil-ble quilt on Threadbias (a super awesome crafty community site) and received quite a few positive comments.  Also a few requests for a pattern.

I've always put this off because it's so hard for me to explain how I do things... I just do them. It's why I don't make good management material... it's always easier for me to do things myself than to delegate. Anyway, I sat down yesterday and put together a quilt pattern that is hopefully easy to follow!  Here is a link to the pattern.


This also marks the first time I've done anything related to quilting that has to do with money.  I've been pretty direct with my sewing as something I only do for myself and my own happiness, I never want money or financial stress to affect my sewing or creative process. However, right now I can use any additional income to help with house and health stuff, so why not... right?

That said, I'm still going to do things as I like... I'm just going to share my design process a bit more in the future.  If you happen to try this pattern, I would be thrilled with any feedback. I'm going in blind as I've never used a pattern I didn't make, so I really don't know how they are usually laid out. I don't mind critiques - they help me grow and make better things in the future!

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