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It's A Start

I pulled some fabrics for the Jellyfish hexie quilt - and have got some hexies done over the last two days. I'm going to need a LOT more deep blue/aqua/teal fabrics for the "water" part. Anyone up for a fabric swap?

These little 1/2" hexies are so cute! I love making them, they are super addictive... and that's a good thing! It's time to work on my diet again.  Hi. My name is Gail and I'm a sugar addict.

It's not like I eat a ton of sugary things and have to have a hard candy in my mouth at all times, I just have been having some blood sugar issues and I feel better when I cut my carb consumption down and delete sugar from my diet.

You'd think the benefit of avoiding diabetic status would make this easy, but it's not for me. I'm working to get through a whole day without sugar. Chocolate is my big downfall, and... since I had some yesterday, I'm freshly starting this journey anew today. I feel more like an addict than while on any other drug in my past. No joke.

That's why I needed this project, I need something to keep me from putting sweet things in my mouth. Keeping fingers busy with stitching is a great way to do that. I'll make sweet things for the eyes and try to give my pancreas a rest.

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