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Block Builder in GenerationQ

YAY... nothing like a little win to make the day a little brighter-  I just read the GenerationQ blog which just posted the Block Builder Challenge that I submitted!  It's so cool to see - which is great, I can use the inspiration right now.  Go see - I have 5 other block designs listed that didn't make the magazine. It was a really fun exercise... you should give it a try!

I'm also working on the back of my "unbe-weevil-ble" quilt. I have the opinion that if I'm going to piece a back at all, I will make a double-sided quilt. I love the challenge of using all the same fabrics in totally different ways for the opposite side of the quilt.

Here's where I'm at... I used up all the blue and orange fabrics that I used on the front, but as you can see, I'll need a bit more fabric to finish this up. I laid my back blocks out right over the finished top so I could see placement issues.

 I'm thinking of getting more of the dark teal that I used in the circles on the front. Still deciding... since I'll have to buy something - I want to get exactly what I want. What do you think?
back blocks laid out over the finished top for placement

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