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Family Love!

My husband and daughter are two of the most awesome people on this planet! Yep, I'm a little biased. But really, they are super supportive of everything... even my quilting projects and needs! They are currently letting me take over the living room as a place for my Jellyfish layout, making that room almost unusable. So sweet, especially since this layout is taking longer than expected.

Last week I picked up all the blues and re-laid them out... and I'm liking it a lot better. I just need to spend a bit more time on blending them, then I'll be ready to stitch them all together!  You can see my borders starting to fill out too - I only have a few more cerise hexies and half-hexies to make!!
Jellyfish Hexie Quilt Layout take 2
Speaking of my little family... they also have been super supportive in my health and eating habits! So much so, that this is what I got for Mother's Day:

I am beyond THRILLED, and surprised - wasn't expecting it! Super green smoothies will be a great addition to my diet. Plus many nut&fruit-based creamy desserts I can finally make... so exciting! It made the day pretty sweet.

Usually Mothers / Fathers Day just get me really depressed because I think of my own parents who disowned me when I was a teen. They are still alive, but we only speak maybe once every few years (me trying to get health history information) and it always ends up with many hurt, sad tears on both ends. They are completely crushed that I could "turn my back on God" by not being a certain religion... and I'm crushed they won't respect me or my own beliefs. But... as my mother always says "We are right and every other religion is wrong, and until you understand that, you won't understand anything."

It's been 20 years since I've seen my folks, 24 years since I've seen or heard from any of my four siblings. I think this is why I value family so much, even with issues - unconditional love is totally under-rated... but super appreciated around here!

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