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All Day Sew Day!

Yesterday I was able to attend the All-Day-Sew that the PMQG sponsors every month. It's pretty sweet...  now that I moved, I'm feeling pretty lucky in that I can walk to the fabric store where it's held!!

It was really fun - we have such a great group of people. Of course, I forgot my camera, so no pics of the day - oh well. I do have a photo of all the pretty fabric I bought while I was there - the fabric store was having a 35% all fabric sale... and there were some sweet remnants too! My little brain is spinning with all the ideas I have for some of this:
Sweet new fabric score!
I also finished two long strips of my Jellyfish Hexie Quilt. I'm taking a photo with some dimes and quarters to over some of the stitched rows to show size. What do you think Miss Kory? Does this help?

Each piece is a bit bigger than a dime. Hexies are so cute... especially when they're small - right?

The sun is out today, and I don't have anything pressing, so I might take the opportunity to sit in the sun and stitch a few more of these together. My pace is at about 30 in a row per day. Not too bad.

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