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Time To Label!

Woo Hoo - I have a quilt finish to report! Finally finished the quilting and binding of the Unbe-weevil-ble quilt and it feels so good. Since I've been working on hexie quilts, my machine pieced quilts are far and few between - so I'm thrilled to have one done this year!

Tomorrow night is our PMQG guild meeting, and I'll be showing it there - maybe I'll get a nice pic of the whole quilt (wink-wink-nudge-nudge, my photographic friends) that I can post on Friday. For now... all you get to see is my super cool label that my husband printed for me!

Unbe-weevil-ble quilt label
Yeah... being married to a screen printer definitely has it's perks! Time to get stitching.


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