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A Quilt Back

YAY! I finished a back for the Braces quilt top I made a few months ago...
Braces Quilt Back
I think I spent way more time on this than I did on the front. I don't know why, but I really love creating a pieced back for a quilt. This one had a lot of small pieces that were left over from the front that I wanted to use, and I was able to use ALL of them.
This was how it was looking after the first day of working on it - lots of random pieces... and I love how it turned out. Now I can get to some quilting!!! So excited to be at this point, it's the quilting that makes a quilt come to life.

Speaking of quilting, I also did a French Knot test to make sure I remembered how to make them. My friend Cherri had me try a 'side-threading' needle like this one... and I'm sold! Especially since I'm using embroidery thread for the knots... using this needle will make the whole job go much much faster. So all I need now are good thread colors for the Jellyfish and I'll be knotting away!

At the awesome PMQG quilt retreat I went to last month, we got a goodie-bag with little squares of fabric and some hexie templates - I think they are 1" in size... much bigger than I'm used to - but I put all those together the other night for another hexie project that hasn't quite been formulated yet.
With the colder, shorter days - I'm antsy and am glad I have so many projects to work on!

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