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Thread Basting The Jellyfish

I've been doing a lot of thinking on how to baste and quilt my Jellyfish.  I decided to thread baste it because I don't want to use spray glue and since it's planned home is as a wall hanging, I don't think I'll be washing it anytime soon. I didn't pin baste it because I hate sewing around the pins.

I found this great video tutorial by Sharon Schamber who walks through all the steps of threadbasting. It took me about 2.5 hours to baste the quilt this way... so it is a bit of a time commitment, but not so bad. Probably would take close to that to pin baste it anyway. Here is the basted top:
And the back:
Here are the stitches on the back - they are about 1/2 - 3/4 inch stitches that seem to hold everything in place nicely.

Now I'm ready to start making a bunch of French Knots!! I will use them in the 'water' on this quilt and figure something a little different for the jellyfish itself. So happy to be at this point!

I'm also working on a back to my Braces quilt today - and loving my new lilac bushes we planted yesterday... they will make this ugly chainlink fence look sooooo much better.

Oh... I'm still following the Blood Sugar diet, not as strict as the first 10 days - so it's much easier, and the meals in the cookbook are fantastic. I can't say that about too many 'good for you' recipes! I should be going in soon to have my blood sugar tested to see if this is helping in any way. Either way, I'm doing good and happy to be eating much more nutrient-dense foods.

Now back to sewing!


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