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Binding By Hand

I'm trying something new: binding by hand.
I figured since this whole (jellyfish) quilt has been stitched by hand, it would be inconceivable to use a machine to stitch down my binding!

Hand-stitched binding
I started by sewing the binding to the top of my quilt, just like if I was using a machine. I actually went around the whole quilt twice to make my stitch length short and hold the binding tighter to the quilt. I kicked ass at eye-balling a 1/4" stitch!

basic technique for binding finish
I'm currently working on stitching the binding to the back... I'm about half done.  By hand stitching, I have more control over the fabric and I was able to get beautiful mitered corners:

I'm so excited to be this close to the finish line! After the binding, all I have left is a hanging sleeve and a label. Then it will be onto my ever-growing list of machine-sewing projects... so many ideas... so little time!

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