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Spoonflower Package!

My little Spoonflower package
Look what just came in the mail!
They are the fabric swatch samples I ordered from Spoonflower - so exciting! I had a bunch of swatches made so I could see how the ink looks on the fabric. I know they use a digital printing method which affects color saturation, so I was not surprised by how the images turned out. However, I wish I could change the online image to more closely match what actually printed.

The colors are a little more subdued than my actual computer designs, and all the reds are especially over-saturated... so I have a little re-designing to do to make those look good through the Spoonflower process.

It was also interesting that I had the ability to scale my images on the Spoonflower site, which I did to make some of my patterns smaller - but they printed at actual size.  Something to keep in mind!

These were done as "collections", and each collection was printed on it's own piece of fabric...
I think I might just quilt this sample piece up as is! Hee hee!

You can see all my designs here - and some are even available for purchase (others need editing) although I'm using this more as a portfolio than something to market.

There is nothing quite like seeing/touching/feeling your own work after making it on a computer!


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