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Jellyfish Finish!

I brought the Jellyfish to my guild meeting last night for the first unveiling of it being totally finished... so now I can share here!
Jellyfish Hexie Quilt - Finished. Hand pieced, quilted, knotted, and bound.
What a thrill to have it completed. I was just talking to a friend about how I never used to be able to finish or follow through on anything... so this is really a step up for me personally.  It's the follow-though I'm most proud of... but it sure is pretty to look at too!

Here are some close-ups:

I tied a bunch of French Knots into this quilt - they look like bubbles and from a distance look like part of the fabric. They add so much depth and texture, I just love them.  I had planned to quilt all the "water" with French Knots, but I changed my mind and used them sparingly and quilted it all with a fine silk thread.

Here is the right side with even more French Knots

This is the lower left side - I love those little bits of red in the "water". You can also see the French Knots I used to 'quilt' the border white and cerise hexies.

I call this part "algae" because it ended up looking like something else floating in the water... maybe some food for the Jellyfish...?

This is the head - I used even more French Knots and lightly quilted it.

Here is the back... you can see a little more of the quilting here.  Since I used a 100# silk thread, it's barely visible, which gives the water a wonderful ripple-effect.

I used wool batting so it all fluffed up really sweet - shows the quilting so nicely. I'm totally hooked. I plan to use wool batting whenever I can, it's dreamy to work with.

I have about 750 hexies made for my next project. I'm unsure as to what exactly I plan to make, but I just can't stop making them - I'm hooked.

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