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Time To Sew

Since I recently finished the Jellyfish Hexie Quilt, I am super excited to finish up some other quilts I've started.

I just pulled out my Green Cross Quilt top that I made at the PMQG Retreat in October - it's way past time to get a back made and get it over to Nancy's so I can quilt it up on her longarm!

So I have it up on my design board while figuring out how to piece all the scraps from the front into the back. I came into my sewing area today to find this:

I was like: "what is that lump under the quilt?"

...Oh! It's just a kitty lump!
He has his little catnip ball next to the heat register, and he really doesn't want to leave, so I'll let him have his spot - at least for a little while ;)


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