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Making Hexies

piles of hexies, still making more.

This is my current sewing project.
What IS the project? I do not know... yet, so I'm just in the making mode.

hexie-making kit
I have been going through scraps and getting them cut down to size (1.5" squares) so I have something to work on all the time. The solids are from a 'honeybun' roll of Kona Brights - I'm keeping them separately from my other scrap fabrics.

bin of random hexies from scrap fabrics

bag of solid hexies
There are piles of scrap fabric on my cutting table I still need to cut to size, so I have plenty to work on for a while (thanks Sam!) 
So, at this point of making... it's time to think about design. I am playing around with the idea of smaller projects like placemats and snackmats... projects that can be done quickly and that I can share with others.

What are you working on this month?  

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