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Play Time!

This time of year, our t-shirt printing business is slow - so my husband has started a quilt-related print project! It's always so fun to see someone get some inspiration and run with it.
roasted chickens and skulls along with some triangles
He used an old-school overhead projector to blow images up an traced them to frosted acetate, and, for this print he used computer generated triangles on clear acetate. He used those to create a screen, then started printing on some fabric I pulled from my stash.

some images on clear, some on frosted acetate
stencil in screen
I think this is going to be really fun fabric to cut up and use in quilting! He's using water-based ink for the black ink, and he plans to do some white discharge printing over it, just to see what happens... we'll also need to do a wash and iron test. If it all turns out successful, I think this may be a really good creative outlet for him... and an amazing source of unique fabrics I can use for quilting!

heat is needed to 'set' the ink

print on solid light grey fabric
He is out in the studio printing more right now... so there will be more to show soon! I'll share progress reports after printing, washing, and ironing too - it's so fun to have play time with your best friend!

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