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Quilt Finish!

I'm so happy to report another quilt finish! So much better than a political conversation - IMHO at least ;)

This one is called: Earth Energy.
Earth Energy Quilt - Finished Front
This quilt came about because I won a pack of pre-cut off-white Kona HST's at PMQG meeting a year or two ago... then, when I was at an All-Day-Sew, my friend Beth Wells was getting rid of some of her stash, and she happened to have the Kona Darks HST package - and gave it to me. I was pretty excited, but wasn't sure how to put them all together at first.

Earth Energy Quilt - close up
I ended up with a 'rainbow' type quilt, and it reminded me of radiating energy, hence the name. Once the top was finished, I wanted to quit it on my Juki, but didn't have a good idea of HOW I wanted to quilt it. I started with the wavy lines and after I was done, I was ready to pull them all out and start over. Instead, I just added more quilting using straight lines. Well... semi-straight lines, I free-motioned them, so they are definitely not perfect, but I ended up LOVING how it turned out.

Earth Energy Quilt - Back
I got some of the really neat Tula Pink quilt backing in blue for the back - I adore these backing fabrics with polka dots and birds - so awesome! I used wool batting for this quilt too - it feels so soft... and I still have to wash it! It will feel even better after that!

Recently I also went a little crazy with the green fabrics I have laying around... it didn't help that I had a couple requests too... so I also finished 4 smaller cannabis quilts. I'm calling them my "Green Cross Series Quilts".
Green Cross Series #1
Green Cross Series #2

Green Cross Series #3

Green Cross Series #4
They all are very similar, but all are very different. They are approximately 42" square. Each one has a Cannabis leaf stitched into the green cross. Series #2 is currently hanging at a show in Madison Wisconsin right now! It's at the Gallery @ Truax along with over 40 other Modern quilts in a collection called: Quilt Making - A Modern Practice. Another is a commission for a friend, and yet another is spoken for by someone who has a cannabis shop here in Oregon. The last one is probably going to stay right with me ;)

Cannabis Free Motion Quilting
I finished the last two of these since the beginning of the year, along with the Earth Energy quilt, that makes 3 new quilt finishes for me this year - YAY! I'm so happy to share something productive!

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