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Old Friends

I was recently hit with the news that another old friend has passed away. He was part of the family I made for myself when I first left home in the late 80's. Since me and most of my friends were homeless punk kids, we formed a certain bond that I can't quite explain... tribal maybe, but it's tight even after years of being apart.

Per&Airaq 1991
There are so many people from this group lost already. I thought I'd be one of the first to go, and now I'm a few years shy of 50, and am still here. It's surprising really... and I'll always be the first to acknowledge my appreciation of aging, and be thankful for every grey hair.

I've been working on a few health issues and different modes of healing. Energetically, I'm working on my root chakra - which symbolizes our foundation, and family. Since my blood family disowned me due to religious differences, I depended on my friends to fill a family-type role. I've been steadily building a stronger foundation on my own over the years.

Losing one of these friends makes me feel like I lost a whole level of bricks.

So I'm going to focus on a new quilt. It's how we quilters express ourselves... right? I'm going to channel positive energy, the color red, and family and hopefully I can express myself the way I'd like. More on this to come.

In the meantime, I do have a little quilt finish to share:
POP - hexie quilt  
This is my first time using Y-seams, and bias binding. A test project really. All the prints in this quilt are designs I created and had printed at Spoonflower. So it was a really fun project to work on... and bright - just what I need right now!

Pretty orange bias binding

hand stitching the binding.


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